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Greetings and a warm welcome to you fellow humanoids, my name is Eric but I’m better known as an alien entity that channels creative energy through the name 3Bak. Spawned in this dimension in a place known as California, I’ve been drawn to creating and drawing since my earliest memories. Once the ability to hold a crayon was channeled, I never put that metaphorical crayon down. My upbringing consisted of lots of drawing, and getting scolded by teachers for doodling all over every piece of paper they gave me–homework and tests were no exception. The teachers did their best to get me to stop but I could not, unfortunately for them... 
Having spent the last 10+ years as a professional artist I have been in many gallery showings across Los Angeles and painted at a variety of events. I spent a stretch of time getting invited to different music festivals to perform live art at places such as Symbiosis, Lucidity, and Gem and Jam to name a small few. A mentor saw my work and taught me how to tattoo over the course of 2 years, and now I have my own personal studio where I make my art and take my clients. I’m new to the digital painting world and just started getting into 3D modeling and animation which has been lots of fun to explore. 
Constantly trying to push forward and evolve my art, there will always be something new on the horizon coming in the creative realm. As of this writing I have a handful of canvas prepped for painting, 3 new digital paintings in the works–some of which will end up getting involved with a 2D/3D combo animation, and have a render going that I also did the sound design for. Stay tuned to my page to see what’s coming next and journey with me to observe some interdimensional visual stimuli! Spread love and keep it weird my friends.

All About The Artwork of 3Bak

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